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The Law and Privacy in the Computer Age Links
COAST-- Computer Security, Law & Privacy
Electronic Privacy Information Center
National Identification Cards
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Privacy International
Critical Infrastructure Protection and Civil Liberties
The Anonymizer commercial
Computer Law Association
Consumer Project on Technology: Privacy
CPSR Privacy and Civil Liberties
Business Ethics Bureau of Investigation
Is there privacy in the workplace?
Medical / Psychiatric Records / Drug Testing
Your social security number?
Is your signiture for sale?
How private is my credit report?
Internet Law Library Computers and the law
ACLU On Privacy and Data Protection
PLPR's World-Wide Privacy Guide
Digital Privacy: The Ethics of Encryption
Encryption Technology threats to Natl. Security
Internet Law Library Privacy
Center for Democracy and Technology
Electronic Privacy Information Center
Privacy in the Information Age
EFF Privacy, Security, Crypto, Surveillance
Internet Privacy Coalition
NetAction's Electronic Privacy Guidelines
The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Data Surveillance and Information Privacy
Privacy and Control of Personal Data
Cyrptology, Pretty Good Privacy and E-Mail
Interception Capabilities 2000
Electronic Privacy Information Center Tools
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There has been the emergence of companies like Cyveilliance who are hired by corporations to seek out violations of copy right law on the internet. And to monitor the public discussion of corporations going on in newsgroups and message boards.
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