Child Nursery Equipment and Toys Accident Rates by Age

Age rates per 100,000 for Each Group
Product Groupings Estimated
CV* No. of
All Ages 00-04 05-14 15-24 25-64 65+ Male Female Treated
All Nursery Equipment 84,666 .08 2,671 31.6 371.5 8.8 6.9 4.9 2.4 32.8 30.5 30.8 0.8
All Toys 136,399 .07 3,776 51.0 341.4 102.7 24.6 14.5 6.0 63.9 38.4 49.9 0.9
Child Nursery Equipment and Toys Accident Rates by Age
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* Estimated Number of Cases:  Since NEISS is a probability sample, each injury case has a statistical weight. National estimates of product-related injury incidents are derived by summing the statistical weights for the appropriate injury cases.
* CV (Coefficient of Variation): The CV, the standard error of the estimate divided by the estimate, is a measure of sampling variability (errors that occur by chance because observations are made only on a population sample).
* Number of Cases: This is the actual number of injury cases collected from the hospitals sampled. Since injury cases have different statistical weights, these “raw” numbers should not be used for comparative purposes.
* Product-Related Injuries: These are national estimates of the number of persons treated in U.S. hospital emergency departments with consumer product-related injuries during the given time period. The data system allows for reporting of up to two products for each person’s injury. Therefore, a person’s injury may be counted in two product groups.
From Consumer Product Safety Review 1998
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