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If anyone has a Hurricane Katrina story to share or i f you know of a link that should be placed on this page send an email to
Brendan Loy's Photos Hurricane Katrina news photos - Photoblog - Everything Alabama Katrina photos provides a location where professionals and citizens can post their Hurricane Katrina is a Yahoo affiliated site where members are posting photos related to "hurricanekatrina"
FEMA.Gov posts response photos online
NOAA Storm Damage images -- These are only available in large zip files
Google Earth - Hurricane Katrina Imagery
DigitalGlobe -- Hurricane Katrina Media Gallery
GlobeXplorer - Disaster photos - hurricane katrina, and tsunami satellite images and 911 aerials
Bay St. Louis and Perlington MS - Dr. Robin Murphy Florida USAR Task Force

There are many other "official" graphics and images available on our state pages, (see links above)  which are dedicate to chronicling relief and response efforts
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Graphics and Maps
Katrina Recovery Effort  -- Shows impacted areas of Louisiana - Information and Survivor Locator Map -- Click on the map to find information posting related to a specific area
Open this PMF in ArcReader or ArcGIS 9.1. KATRINA RECOVERY EFFORT --(updated 9/3/05)

To View  Download ArcReader Software

Hurricane Surge Model Predictions
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News media
New York Times - Impact of Hurricane Katrina on the Levy's of New Orleans
Houston Chronicle: Hurricane Katrina Special Report

For Local Disaster Information Updates



CNN's - Hurricane 2005 page  
Poynter Online provides a general directory of media links that are located along the path of Hurricane Katrina
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Hurricane Harbor From Blogspot
Insomnia  -- LiveJournal -- New Orleans Stories
The Interdictor  -- LiveJoural --New Orleans - KatrinaHelp Wiki's Portal to Katrina related postings
List of Hurricane Blogs - From Wiki - Katrina Aftermath
Blogsofwar - Hurricane Katrina Blogcritics On Hurricane Katrina
Kaye's Hurricane Katrina Blog -- another Blogspot user  -- Baton Rouge
Brendan Loy -- Katrina local newslinks and summaries -- The Irish Trojan's Blog
Michelle Malkin -- Blogging For Katrina Relief
Dr. Jeff Masters' WunderBlog  --  Weather Underground: Wunder Blog
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Helpful phone numbers
American Red Cross -- Disaster Helpline: 1-866-438-4636 FEMA -- Call to Apply for Assistance: FEMA 1-800-621-FEMA (3362)  (TTY) 1-800-462-7585 Register online
If you need to report a missing loved one in Alabama, Louisiana or Mississippi please contact:
Alabama 1-866-GET-INFO
Louisiana 225-925-7345
Mississippi 866-438-4636
Salvation Army HOTLINE for Public use 678-225-0885 8am-6pm 7 days a week
To donate or volunteer for disaster relief efforts, contact the American Red Cross through their website or by calling at 1-800-HELPNOW (1-800-435-7669).
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NonProfit Relief Organizations
American Red Cross: 1-800-HELP NOW (435-7669) English, 1-800-257-7575 Spanish
America’s Second Harvest: 1-800-344-8070
Adventist Community Services: 1-800-381-7171
Catholic Charities, USA: 703 549-1390
Christian Disaster Response: 941-956-5183 or 941-551-9554
Christian Reformed World Relief Committee: 1-800-848-5818
Church World Service: 1-800-297-1516
Convoy of Hope: 417-823-8998
Lutheran Disaster Response: 800-638-3522
Mennonite Disaster Service: 717-859-2210
Nazarene Disaster Response: 888-256-5886
Operation Blessing: 1-800-436-6348
Presbyterian Disaster Assistance: 800-872-3283
Salvation Army: 1-800-SAL-ARMY (725-2769)
Southern Baptist Convention -- Disaster Relief: 1-800-462-8657, ext. 6440
United Methodist Committee on Relief: 1-800-554-8583
National Response Center -- 1-800-424-8802
United Healthcare Crisis Hotline -- 1-866-615-8700
A free service. Speak to counselors and national counselor referal.
Also see our non-profit agency page -- Many allow you to donate on line and to register as a volunteer
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State Police Road Closure Hotline: 1-800-469-4828
Shelter Information: Red Cross- 1(866)-GET-INFO (438-4636)

Special-Needs Shelter Information
Triage Phone Numbers:
Alexandria: 800-841-5778
Baton Rouge: 800-349-1372
Houma/Thibodaux: 800-228-9409
Lafayette: 800-901-3210
Lake Charles: 866-280-2711
Monroe: 866-280-7287
Shreveport: 800-841-5776
Slidell/Hammond: 866-280-7724
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To report price gouging: LA: (800) 488-2770AL: (800-230-9485)
Louisiana State Police: (800) 469-4828
St. John Emergencies: (985) 652-6338 (985) 497-3321
Kenner Emergencies: (504) 468-7200
Jefferson Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness:(504) 349-5360
Mary Bird Perkins Cancer patients who need to continue treatment in Baton Rouge: (225) 215-1236
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Looking for info on Missing Persons:
To assist those displaced and separated from loved ones by the effects of Hurricane Katrina, MCI has introduced a simple, toll-free phone service to help those impacted by the storm communicate their conditions and whereabouts to family and friends by simply using their 10 digit home phone number as an identifier.  
The service allows displaced people and those attempting to locate the missing to connect through a toll-free phone number.  The caller can choose to either:
Register themselves by calling  1-877-HELP-KAT (1-877-435-7528) or
Locate someone who is missing by calling 1-866-601-FIND (1-866-601-3463).
Registration function:
Those impacted will be prompted for their home phone number, month, day and year of birth (for individual identification) and a callback number where they can be reached.  The service will notify the caller if they are the first to register the number or if someone else has already done so.  If others have registered the number, the earlier registrant’s month, day and year of birth as well as callback number will be replayed, giving the caller the option to connect automatically to them.
The registrant will also be told if someone has previously searched for their number and will give them that caller’s birth month, day and year in addition to callback information with an option to connect.
Even if those displaced do not have a callback number to be reached at, they should still call and register because it will give their loved ones the basic peace of mind that they are alive.  Impacted persons will be able to update their registration information with callback numbers when they become known. 
For any 10-digit primary home phone number, up to nine callback numbers and birth month, day and year can be registered to accommodate alternate contact numbers and multiple family members.
Locator function:
Caller is prompted for home phone number of lost one.
Lost one’s callback number and birth month, day and year are played back.
The caller can then automatically connect to the lost one’s callback number.
The service will also notify the caller if the number they searched for has not yet been registered and allow them to enter their birth month, day and year and callback number to be replayed when and if the missing person’s phone number is registered.
The service supports English, French and Spanish and is limited to U.S. geographic customers only.  This service is available to everyone, not just MCI customers.
Link to this page
 (return to top of page) - Information Locator Map -- Click on the map to find information posting related to a specific area

Search and Rescue, U.S. Coast Guard Requests for rescues of missing or stranded persons will be entered into the system, viewed by command center and prioritized as received.

National Next of Kin Registry

Salvation Army's Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN) ActivatedSend an online request to locate missing family and friends. If you can't connect to the site immediately, please try again.

MSNBC News Blog links for Katrina survivors and families
"I'm Okay"  New Orleans channel 4WWWL-TV posts messages for family members.
Yahoo Family Message Boards Message boards categorized by city, colleges, relief centers, and more.
<>Red Cross Alert for Persons with Emergency Medical ConditionsThe Red Cross is only accepting phone calls to search for missing persons in these emergency circumstances: insulin dependant diabetics, oxygen dependant, dialysis patient, blind, recent heart attack or stroke victims, mobility challenged, broken leg, foot or ankle, or paralyzed.
WDSU, New Orleans, LANon-government site: More messages for and from missing people.
Gulf Coast Survivor-Connector DatabaseList the person or family you want to find in this interactive database.
Safe List of Family Members CNN's list of people reported safe and their current location.

Missing Persons BoardBy NowPublic

Relief Information for U.S. MilitaryFor families of deployed Army National Guard and all military branches

National Next Of Kin Registry International Emergency Contact System
Missing Persons Board
Wal-Mart's Hurricane Katrina Message Board
If you need to locate a relative in Mississippi, call 1-866-438-4636.

Missing Persons (New Orleans) --
Tell Them You're OK

Employees or family members of Valero Energy can call to check in at 1-800-333-3377

NASA has designated a telephone number for employees or family members to call  1-877/470-5240 to advise NASA of their whereabouts.
For contact information for employees and contractors, or for general public information, visit: 

In addition, NASA has established a toll-free number (888/362-4323) for recorded updates about general conditions at Stennis and Michoud. For updates on the Web, visit:

Why not shelter in Sunny Florida?
Florida Sheltering for Evacuees from Katrina Devastated Areas
Florida Shelters Information - find a shelter
Shelters are available along the I-10 Corridor in the Florida Panhandle and across other parts of the State.
Up to date Shelter Information is available online in the shelter database
For additional shelter information contact the local Red Cross or call 1-866-GET-INFO

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Resource Donations
DHS National Emergency Resource Registry Activated
August 28, 2005 -- The Department of Homeland Security, through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is coordinating response efforts to provide necessary assistance to communities affected by Hurricane Katrina.

The NERR– via the HSIN-CI Program – stands ready to assist the coordination efforts between the resources that are needed and the resources that may be available from the private and public sectors.
Swern Resource Donations
If you or your organization / agency / corporation have resources that may be made available to the response agencies, please list them in this Resource Registry.
Select the appropriate link below.

New Members List your Orginizations Resources
Returning NERR Members
Existing SWERN Members Sign In Here

PART-15.ORG Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts

General Information - PART-15.ORG in cooperation with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) is preparing a Disaster Relief effort in support of and to reestablish communications in the Disaster area after Hurricane Katrina. Our volunteer program is growing at astounding rates.

The GFBCI has established a website to match volunteers with volunteer opportunities. This
website can be reached at People without internet access can register to
volunteer by calling 1-877-273-5018.
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Hurricane Katrina HF Response and Recovery Frequencies

02802.4  USB  American Red Cross Disaster (F-91) **
03171.4  USB  American Red Cross Disaster (F-92) **
05136.4  USB  American Red Cross Disaster (F-93) **
05141.4  USB  American Red Cross Disaster (F-94) **
05211.0  USB  FEMA
05236.0  USB  SHARES Coordination Network (nationwide HF voice coordination)
06859.5  USB  American Red Cross Disaster (F-95) **
07507.0  USB  USN/USCG hurricane net (pri)
07550.5  USB  American Red Cross Disaster (F-96 - primary) **
07698.5  USB  American Red Cross Disaster (F-97) **
09380.0  USB  USN/USCG hurricane net (sec)
10493.0  USB  FEMA
14396.5  USB  SHARES Coordination Network (nationwide HF voice coordination)


03845.0  LSB  Gulf Coast West Hurricane
03862.5  LSB  Mississippi Section Traffic
03873.0  LSB  Central Gulf Coast Hurricane
03873.0  LSB  Louisiana ARES Emergency (night)
03873.0  LSB  Texas ARES Emergency (night)
03873.0  LSB  Mississippi ARES Emergency
03910.0  LSB  Mississippi ARES
03910.0  LSB  Louisiana Traffic
03923.0  LSB  Mississippi ARES
03925.0  LSB  Central Gulf Coast Hurricane
03925.0  LSB  Louisiana Emergency (altn)
03935.0  LSB  Central Gulf Coast Hurricane
03935.0  LSB  Louisiana ARES (health & welfare)
03935.0  LSB  Texas ARES (health & welfare)
03935.0  LSB  Mississippi ARES (health & welfare)
03935.0  LSB  Alabama Emergency
03940.0  LSB  Southern Florida Emergency
03950.0  LSB  Northern Florida Emergency
03955.0  LSB  South Texas Emergency
03965.0  LSB  Alabama Emergency (altn)
03967.0  LSB  Gulf Coast (outgoing traffic)
03975.0  LSB  Texas RACES
03993.5  LSB  Gulf Coast (health & welfare)
03995.0  LSB  Gulf Coast Wx
07225.0  LSB  Central Gulf Coast Hurricane
07235.0  LSB  Louisiana Emergency
07235.0  LSB  Central Gulf Coast Hurricane
07235.0  LSB  Louisiana Emergency
07240.0  LSB  American Red Cross US Gulf Coast Disaster
07240.0  LSB  Texas Emergency
07243.0  LSB  Alabama Emergency
07245.0  LSB  Southern Louisiana
07248.0  LSB  Texas RACES
07250.0  LSB  Texas Emergency
07260.0  LSB  Gulf Coast West Hurricane
07264.0  LSB  Gulf Coast (health & welfare)
07265.0  LSB  Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio (SATERN) (altn)
07273.0  LSB  Texas ARES (altn)
07280.0  LSB  NTS Region 5
07280.0  LSB  Louisiana Emergency (altn)
07283.0  LSB  Gulf Coast (outgoing only)
07285.0  LSB  West Gulf ARES Emergency (day)
07285.0  LSB  Louisiana ARES Emergency (day)
07285.0  LSB  Mississippi ARES Emergency
07285.0  LSB  Texas ARES Emergency (day)
07290.0  LSB  Central Gulf Coast Hurricane
07290.0  LSB  Gulf Coast Wx
07290.0  LSB  Texas ARES (health & welfare)
07290.0  LSB  Louisiana ARES (health & welfare) (day)
07290.0  LSB  Texas ARES (health & welfare)
07290.0  LSB  Mississippi ARES (health & welfare)
14265.0  USB  Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio (SATERN) (health &
welfare) 14300.0  USB  Intercontinental Traffic
14300.0  USB  Maritime Mobile Service
14303.0  USB  International Assistance & Traffic
14313.0  USB  Intercontinental Traffic (altn)
14313.0  USB  Maritime Mobile Service (altn)
14316.0  USB  Health & Welfare
14320.0  USB  Health & Welfare
14325.0  USB  Hurricane Watch (Amateur-to-National Hurricane Center)
14340.0  USB  Louisiana (1900)
  ** Type-accepted equipment and an issued US FCC license are required to transmit on Red Cross frequencies

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New Orleans Flooded
This image is available as two separate images before and after.  These are 1.4 and 1.5 MB files

CDC - Common Misconceptions about Disasters: Panic, the “Disaster Syndrome,” and Looting (PDF, 900 KB) - This book chapter identifies some of the more common misconceptions about the public’s response to disaster and presents information from systematic studies of actual disasters.
Note: This paper represents the opinions of the author and not necessarily the policies or positions of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry or the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

To see previous articles see our  - Katrina Diary The Rothstein Catalogue!

Residential Code Guides and Misc. Code Books
Southern Building Code Congress International -- Code Books
International Conference of Building Officials -- Code Books
Building Officials and Code Administrators International -- Code Books
Concrete Masonry And Steel Building Codes
The National Electrical Code Books
ICBO BOCA SBCI Mechanical Code -- Code Books
Whitehouse -- Katrina In Focus
Florida Division of Emergency Management
Louisiana Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness
Mississippi Emergency Management Agency
Mississippi Forestry Commission -- Situation Reports
Alabama Emergency Management Agency
Georgia Office of Homeland Security - GEMA
Arkansas Department of Emergency Management
Tennessee Emergency Management Agency
Miami/Dade County Emergency Management
FEMA - Press
FEMA Emergency Managers Reports
FEMA - Photo Library
National Park Service  - Morning Report
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Hurricane Katrina Response; Environmental Protection Agency

HHS - Disasters and Emergencies: Hurricane Katrina
National Incident Management Situation Report by NICC -- PFD
Dept. of Transportation -- Highway Information For Areas Affected By Hurricane Katrina - US ...
US Army Corps of Engineers - Katrina Response
US Coast Guard - Storm Watch
Navy Environmental Health Center --Medical Force Protection for Hurricane Katrina Relief  Situation Reports
Energy Information Administration -- Special Report Hurricane Katrina's Impact on U.S. Energy
Office of Energy Assurance: Hurricane Katrina Situation Reports
Advisory Situation Reports from The HSUS Disaster Center
Reliefweb International
Texas Emergency Management Situation Reports Responding to Katrina
Tuscaloosa County, Alabama Emergency Management Agency
Columbia County, Georgia Hurricane Katrina
Disaster Contractors Network Situation Reports
The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency
The Hurricane Watch Net
Caribbean Hurricane Network
National Flood Insurance Program
A FEMA Guide to Hurricane Preparedness
Hurricane Strike! Hurricane Science & Safety For Students
U.S. Coast Guard Storm Center
Recovering From and Coping With Flood Damaged Property after Returning Home
The Disaster Assistance Process for Individuals
US Fire Administration -- Hurricane and Tornado Fire Safety Factsheet HSUS and FEMA -- Animals and Emergencies
FEMA Agaist the Wind: Protecting Your Home from Hurricane and Wind Damage -- PDF
FEMA After a Flood: The First Steps
Standard Family Disaster Plan. 
Why Talk About Hurricanes?
Community Hurricane Preparedness. 
National Hurricane Center 
Hurricane Tracking Chart 
Color Hurricane Tracking Chart 
Map Hurricane Risk in United States 
The Hurricane FAQ
Hurricane Damage to Residential Structures: Risk and Mitigation
Designing for wind speed map 
The Saffir-Simpson Scale  Insurance Q and A 
Education Hurricanes - CotF

The Expert's Guide to Disaster Recovery Service Providers
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Florida Real-Time Water Data
Make an Online Hazard Map for Your Location NASA - Hurricane 2005: A Hurricane Resource Site
Links will be added in as Katrina Progresses.

If you have any Questions, Comments or suggestions please send an email to:
Aug 26 2005 Katrina
nowCOAST: GIS Mapping Portal to Real-Time Environmental Observations and NOAA Forecasts
National Data Buoy Center
NWS River Forecast Information
NWS Flash Flood Guidance
NWS Significant River Flood Outlook USGS Current Water Resources Conditions
NESDIS Atlantic and Caribbean Tropical Satellite Imagery
NOAA GOES Satellite Imagery for Tropical Sectors
NOAA Multi-Dimensional Imagery from Polar Orbiting and Geostationary Satellites
Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) Monterey Marine Meteorology Division Tropical Cyclone Information
NASA MODIS Rapid Response System
Local Radar
NWS National Doppler Radar Sites
Track Analysis/Best Track
National Hurricane Center/Tropical Predictions Center Archive of Past Hurricane Seasons
Historical Hurricane Tracks
Shoreline Change
United States Geological Survey (USGS) Coastal and Marine Geology Program Internet Map Server
USGS Hurricane and Extreme Storm Impact Studies
USGS Mapping Coastal Change Hazards
High-Resolution Topography
USGS Hurricane and Extreme Storm Impact Studies
NOAA Coastal Services Center Topographic Data
Environmental Affects
NOAA Office of Response and Restoration
Health Affects
CDC - Safety Precautions When Returning Home
CDC - Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
CDC - Cleaning Up Flood Waters
CDC - Key Facts About Hurricane Recovery
CDC - Hurricane Public Service Announcements
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports
For the CDC index on hurricane information (including fact sheets in English and other languages), please see: 
CDC"s Hurricane Index
For CDC information specific to healthcare professionals
Precipitation and Flood Analysis
National Weather Service Precipitation Analysis
National Weather Service (NWS) River Forecast Centers
Damage Assessment and Post-Storm Impact Data
National Hurricane Center/Tropical Predictions Center Tropical Cyclone Reports
NWS Service Assessments
NWS Storm Prediction Center Storm Reports
Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network
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