Infection Control Guidance for Quarantine Officers

The following information and infection control recommendations are intended for Quarantine
Officers working at Canadian airports which receive flights from areas experiencing outbreaks of SARS. Please be advised that as more information about the cause of this illness becomes available, the information provided below may change.

To minimize the risk of transmission of this disease in the airport setting the following actions are being taken:

1. Airline cabin crew on flights from World Health Organization affected areas are being advised to watch for the following symptoms in passengers on their flights: fever, coughing, difficulty breathing and/or shortness of breath. They have received instructions on how to manage sick passengers, which includes the use of masks and notification of the airport authority in advance of arrival of the flight.

2. All well, passengers returning from World Health Organization affected areas will receive
information regarding SARS, including what to do if they develop symptoms. You do not need to
use special precautions or gloves or masks for your normal dealing with well passengers without
any symptoms.

Infection control measures when dealing with sick passengers: