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NOAA Status of the Current El Niño
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NOAA Weekly SST Anomalies
El Niño/Southern Oscillation Current Status
Normal vs. El Nino Conditions
Non-El Niño Conditions
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Temperature Precipitation Outlook
El Niño: U. S. Impacts
U. S. Extended Temperature Outlook
U. S. Extended Precipitation Outlook
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El Niño Teaching Module from Univ of Illinois
El Nino
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El Niño UPDATE Update
Oct-Dec Temperature predicition
Oct-Dec Precipitation predicition
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Jan-Mar Precipitation predicition
CU's Equatorial Pacific SSTA Forecasts
Tropical Pacific SST Predictions
Impacts of El Niño
Tropical Pacific Island Rainfall Forecasts
UCSB Social Economic Costs
Rainfall Pattern During an El Nino

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