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The choices that people make in disaster situations may determine if they and their loved ones live, die, are injured or other wise harmed.

The material presented here is a collaborative work by the agencies listed at the bottom of each page of the disaster guide.  This guide is an attempt to present the best advice for most natural disaster situations.  This does not mean that it presents the best advice for all situations. For example you may follow the advice and leave your mobile home to get in a ditch and the tornado may leave your mobile home unharmed, but injure or kill you in the ditch.

The advice given here is considered  to be the the best advice for people in situations that are extremely dangerous.

The problem with giving advice to people regarding disaster situations is that no matter what people are told, some people are going to be injured and some are going to die.

This guide was developed  because it was recognized that with the proliferation of disaster guides being developed by different agencies and individual authors, that advice was being given that was sometimes contradictory. 

The agencies listed at the bottom of each page of this guide came together and worked to produce a disaster guide that they could all agree to support.

There are no warrantees or guarantees regarding this advice.  The advice that you will find in this guide should be considered to be minimal for each family.

The Disaster Center is making this guide available in zip format so that you can download the guide if you wish and host it on your internet web site.  We ask you not to delete any portion of the manual.  We have also established a message board where we encourage you to post your questions and comments about the "Disaster: Guide for Standard Messages"

The Disaster Center
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