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U.S.Dept. of HHS Office of Emergency Preparedness 
National Library of Medicine, provides access to over 11 million 
International Journal of Mass Emergenices and Disasters
National Library of Medicine 
CDC Travel Information Page 
CAMEO -- (Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations)
designed to help first responders and emergency planners access
and manage crucial chemical property and emergency response
Prehospital and Disaster Medicine
International Medical Corps 
National Institutes of Health 
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DoD WMD Preparedness Program 
Maryland Triage System PDF
USA Domestic Preparedness - First responders
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Medicine On Line 
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The Internet Journal of Rescue and Disaster Medicine
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Wilderness Emergency Medical Services Institute 
Arkansas DMAT AR-1 
Orange County DMAT CA-1 
San Bernardino DMAT CA-2 
San Diego CA-4
Santa Clara CA-6
Los Angeles County DMAT CA-9 
Fresno, CA DMAT - CA-10 
Colorado DMAT C0-2 
Denver-Metro DMAT C0-3 
Southwest Florida DMAT FL-2 
Tampa DMAT FL-3 
Miami DMAT FL-5
Central DMAT FL-6
Atlanta GA-3 DMAT 
Augusta GA-4 DMAT 
Hawaii DMAT HI-1 
Indiana DMAT IN-4 
Boise DMAT ID-1 
Worcester MA-2 
Westland MI-1 DMAT
St. Louis MO-1 DMAT
Winston-Salem, NC-1 DMAT
Lyons, NJ-1 DMAT
Albuquerque NM-1 DMAT
Las Vegas NV-1 DMAT site has been deactivated and is being rebuilt
Metro New York NY-2 DMAT 
Pomona New York NY-4 DMAT 
Toledo OH DMAT OH-1
Dayton OH DMAT OH-5 
Oklahoma DMAT OK-1 
Public Health Service PHS-1 DMAT 
El Paso DMAT TX-1 
Dallas DMAT TX-4 
King County Washington DMAT WA-1 
National Disaster Medical System
DMAT- Communication Systems 
Command / Control of Multiple Casualty Incidents 
Intl. Jrnl. of Mass Emergs. And Disasters 
Emergency Medical Services Mag. 
Journal of Emergency Medical Services 

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The United States Public Health Service originally formed in developed and equipped two DMAT prototypesin  1984, which eventually merged in 1992 to form the PHS-1 DMAT. Since that time to 1999 26 Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT's have been formed within the U.S. Public Health Service. These teams stand ready to provide emergency medical care during a major natural disaster or any other event, which requires their skills. They are prepared, when called upon, to travel to the scene of a disaster in the United States when their services can make a difference. they have also been know to travel outside the United States.

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