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For Alaskan inland areas, the Air National Guard operates the Alaska Rescue Coordination Center (AKRCC) at Ft. Richardson, AK north of Anchorage. Alaskan SAR is carried out by Air National Guard units, the Alaska State Troopers and local borough search and rescue organizations.

The The U.S. Coast Guard coordinates and usually conducts maritime SAR missions. Coast Guard RCCs are set up to cover specific geographic areas and act as command and coordination centers. The geographic areas of responsibility are divided among nine Coast Guard District commands and two Rescue Sub-Centers (RSC).

The Department of Defense’s U.S. Southern Command runs an active Search and Rescue Center out of Key West, FL that helps to coordinate a significant amount of COSPAS-SARSAT activity in Central & South America.

US Southern Command Joint Search and Rescue Center - Key West, FL

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