{201} 5131.  Federal and State disaster preparedness program

  (a) Utilization of services of other agencies
  The President is authorized to establish a program of disaster
  preparedness that utilizes services of all appropriate agencies and
  (1) preparation of disaster preparedness plans for mitigation,
  warning, emergency operations, rehabilitation, and recovery;
  (2) training and exercises;
  (3) postdisaster critiques and evaluations;
  (4) annual review of programs;
  (5) coordination of Federal, State, and local preparedness programs;
  (6) application of science and technology;
  (7) research.
 (b) Technical assistance for development of plans and programs
The President shall provide technical assistance to the States in developing comprehensive plans and practicable programs for preparation against disasters, including hazard reduction, avoidance, and mitigation;  for assistance to individuals, businesses, and State and local governments following such disasters; and for recovery of damaged or destroyed public and private facilities.
 (c) Grants to states for development of plans and programs
Upon application by a State, the President is authorized to make grants, not to exceed in the aggregate to such State $250,000, for the development of plans, programs, and capabilities for disaster preparedness and prevention. Such grants shall be applied for within one year from May 22, 1974.  Any State desiring financial assistance under this section shall designate or create an agency to plan and administer such a disaster preparedness program, and shall, through such agency, submit a State plan to the President, which shall--
  (1) set forth a comprehensive and detailed State program for   preparation against and assistance following, emergencies and major   disasters, including provisions for assistance to individuals,   businesses, and local governments;  and

  (2) include provisions for appointment and training of appropriate   staffs, formulation of necessary regulations and procedures and   conduct of required exercises.

 (d) Grants for improvement,maintenance, and updating of State plans
  The President is authorized to make grants not to exceed 50 per   centum of the cost of improving, maintaining and updating State disaster assistance plans, including evaluations of natural hazards and development of the programs and actions required to mitigate such hazards;  except that no such grant shall exceed $50,000 per annum to any State.

{202} 5132.  Disaster warnings

(a) Readiness of federal agencies to issue warnings to state and local officials
  The President shall insure that all appropriate Federal agencies are prepared to issue warnings of disasters to State and local officials.
(b) Technical assistance to state and local governments for effective warnings
  The President shall direct appropriate Federal agencies to provide technical assistance to State and local governments to insure that timely and effective disaster warning is provided.
(c) Warnings to governmental authorities and public endangered by disaster
  The President is authorized to utilize or to make available to Federal, State, and local agencies the facilities of the civil defense communications system established and maintained pursuant to section 5196(c) of this title, or any other Federal communications system for the purpose of providing warning to governmental authorities and the civilian population in areas endangered by disasters.
(d) Agreements with commercial communications systems for use of facilities
  The President is authorized to enter into agreements with the officers or agents of any private or commercial communications systems who volunteer the use of their systems on a reimbursable or nonreimbursable basis for the purpose of providing warning to governmental authorities and the civilian population endangered by disasters.

The FEMA Public Assistance Program and Policy Guide (PAPPG) is FEMA's Public Assistance Grant Bible.


The 2018 PAPPG (V3.0) is effective for all emergencies and major disasters declared on or after August 23, 2017. It supersedes the 2017 PAPPG (V2.0) which is effective for all emergencies and major disasters declared between April 1, 2017 and August 22, 2017.

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FEMA Public Assistance (PA) provides grants to jurisdictions and certain non-profits for the costs of emergency response and for damages to permanent facilities damaged as a result of events that qualify for Presidential Disaster Declarations.  

In terms of dollar amounts, FEMA's Public Assistance Program is the largest grant program that FEMA operates.

FEMA PA can assist with local and State governments? emergency response efforts and in the restoration of public infrastructure after Presidential disaster declarations in the United States.