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Why Talk About Tornadoes?
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Watch, Warning and Advisory Display
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6-Hour (0600-1200 UTC) Thunderstorm Outlook

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Is Your Community StormReady?

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"Killer Twisters!"
as seen on NOVA as "Tornado."

Video "Killer Twisters!" as seen on NOVA as "Tornado."  
DVD Killer Twisters and Superstorms ~ DVD Snap Case
"Lethal Lightning Super Storms" as seen on Nova as "Lightning!"  

Please note that weather forecasts and other weather related observations found on this or other World Wide Web sites should not be substituted for official National Weather Service (NWS) forecast and warning information issued by local NWS offices, especially if you are making decisions about how or whether to protect lives or property.
Tornadoes!! THE ENTITY -- Narrated Version VHS
Twentieth Century With Mike Wallace : Terror of Tornadoes (1999) VHS
Amazon Tornado Best Sellers
Tornado Outbreak of April 3-4, 1974  


Tornado Statistics for every State
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Before a tornado:
Develop a plan for you and your family members at home, work, home, school, and when outdoors. Practice your plan. Know the county in which you live, and keep a highway map nearby to follow the storm reports. Listen to NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts. Your local media may provide weather updates and warnings.
When a tornado warning is issued:
Move to a designated shelter, such as a basement. if no shelter is available, move to a lower floor interior hallway or room. If in an automobile, leave the car immediately, find a low spot, and lie flat on the ground. Mobile homes provide little protection from tornadoes and should be moved away from during the tornado watch phase. Tornadoes can develop so rapidly that no warning is possible. Remain alert for the signs of approaching tornadoes. Most deaths and injuries from tornados are due to flying debris.
One of the most interesting recent developments is the concept of strengthening an interior room to serve as a storm shelter in your home. After studying houses damaged by high winds and tornadoes it has been found that often a small interior room, such as a closet or bathroom, remains intact after the house is destroyed. Part of the reason for this relates to how winds act on the structure. High winds like those generated by a tornado often lift the house off of the floor of the house, leaving behind the floor and the interior rooms. So the idea is to strengthen an interior room to serve as a shelter during a tornado or other high wind event.

To order a copy of FEMA's:
Taking Shelter From the Storm:
Building a Safe Room Inside Your House:
and the accompanying construction plans and specifications,
call 1-888-565-3896 and request a copy of publication FEMA 320.
If you would like to order only the construction plans and specifications,
please call the same telephone number and request publication FEMA 320A.
For more information see  In   Residence Storm Shelters

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May 3 Oklahoma Tornado Map
CAPS/wx: Archive: 03 May 1999
May 3 Oklahoma Tornado F-5 Path
May 3 - MPEG ( Large 3.3mb ) movie of Oklahoma tornadoes
May 3 - Broad view of fatal tornadic cells in the Southern Plains
May 3 - Close-up colorized IR image of tornadic supercells over Oklahoma
May 3 - Dramatic visible image of tornadic supercells over Oklahoma

NCDC Special Tornado Reports

Oklahoma, Kansas Tornadoes--May 1999
Arkansas, Tennessee Tornadoes--January 1999
California Flooding and Florida Tornadoes--February 1998
Texas Tornadoes--May 1997
Tornadoes and Flooding--March 1997
Fort Smith, Arkansas Tornado--April 1996
Galva, Iowa Tornado--June 1994
Super Outbreak of April 1974

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